Create your campaign for Mother’s Day

The day all mothers have been waiting for is finally approaching. With the numbers on our side and because we all like to show love to our mothers, sit back and pay attention. In this post we are going to explain to you what the top sales of products are on this important date. So that if you have an online store, you can get the maximum profitability. In addition, we will remind you of some tips that we have discussed in other posts and that will help you create your small campaign. As we saw on Father’s Day, people spend a slightly lower amount. However, there was a wide range of options when buying a gift. Below we show you the sector, the theme. And the products most sought after by children to give to their mothers. Jewelry and bijouterie Rhinestones, jewelry and accessories are gifts that never go out of style.

What are the best-selling gifts on Mother’s Day

You can engrave a message, they can have symbolic shapes that represent the union between a mother and child, or it can simply be a beautiful Buy Cell Phone Number List decorative trousseau. It is true that costume jewelry has more options than high-quality jewelry for these dates, since it is a detail to surprise. There are countless pendants, bracelets, or earrings specially prepared for days like this. Who has not seen a pendant with an engraved sphere that says I love you mom? It is just one example of many, so much so that they account for 17% of the gifts given on this day.  These are classic and safe gifts for Mother’s Day. The sale of colognes and skin care creams amounts to up to 24% of the purchases made by those who give gifts to their mothers. These types of products can be purchased individually and are very helpful for last minute purchases. Do you own a store of this type? Take advantage of the opportunity on Mother’s Day. Beauty packages Packages are a somewhat more expensive type of gift. Although their sales have been skyrocketing lately.

Prepare your ecommerce for Mother’s Day

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If we refer to cosmetic and beauty packages. We are talking about massages, relaxation treatments, or even weekends at a spa. You yourself can sense that these are the type of gift that increases  Bolivia mobile phone number list the average ticket figure, however the percentage of people who give this type of package, although very widespread, is lower than the others. Since the sum is greater, the complexity of the sale will also be greater.  Gift boxes in which different health and personal hygiene products are added are also proliferating. Beauty and aesthetic packages barely accounted for 1.5% of the gifts given for Mother’s Day. However, they are now one of the best-selling items as they contain several gifts in one. 3. Books The love of reading is something that has by no means died out. According to the article from the Nobel Reading Space, women are the ones who read romantic novels the most specifically.

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